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Our vision of leadership


At ASAP, we believe that true leadership is about much more than just giving instructions. Instead, it’s about clear objectives, genuine trust and a community that appreciates every single voice. We’re pioneers of a new style of leadership based on dialogue, constructive feedback and shared success.

Our Guidelines


Ambitious objectives


Our objectives? Crystal clear and future-focused! They are our compass; they give us direction and paint a vision of the path ahead. We’re already thinking about tomorrow, making sure that every member of our team knows where we’re heading – because we’re going to get there together.



Inspiring responsibility


Our credo: trust is king! We empower our employees to take the initiative and support them with the freedom to make their own decisions. This is the only way that every member of the ASAP team – and the team as a whole – can grow and develop together.



Meaningful motivation


We offer roles that not only challenge our employees but motivate them, too. We acknowledge and celebrate achievements. At ASAP, positive feedback is the motor that drives constant development and recognition.



Connecting community


Teamwork is our mantra. We don’t just tackle challenges together; we care for each other. Our community is built on trust and ties that run deep. We all agree that big things are only possible when we put the team above the individual.



Respectful cooperation


We stand by our word and foster a culture of open, honest feedback. We support and assist each other as a matter of course. Differing opinions? We take them seriously but always act fairly with our focus on the team.



Appreciative dialogue


We don’t talk over each other, we talk with each other – clearly, directly and showing appreciation for each other. This is the only way to achieve mutual success and bring our company’s culture to life. Sounds good?

ASAP People

"In the ASAP Group, our leadership culture is more than just a series of guidelines. It forms the core of our company’s culture and is key to our success. Our six leadership principles – objectives, responsibility, motivation, community, respect and dialogue – are signposts that guide and inspire us…

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