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Do you have questions about the application process? Maybe you’d just like a little more information before going ahead? Either way, this is the right place for you! We’ve got the answers to the most frequently asked questions about applying to ASAP. 

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Before applying

You can apply to ASAP at any time. If you’re already working elsewhere, you should give thought to your notice period. We recommend trying to apply around two to three months before you hope to start work with us. 

Yes, absolutely! If we’re a good match, we’ll be happy to wait a little longer for you to join.

No, that isn’t necessary. Simply send us your application along with all pertinent documents for a specific role. Ideally, you would include a short cover letter in which you can name the other positions that interest you.

Yes. All the vacancies advertised in our Careers Portal are still available. We regularly recruit new employees for certain positions. As a result, some advertisements might stay online for a prolonged period.

Yes, please do! We’d be happy to accept a speculative application. Use your cover letter to outline which areas particularly interest you. We’ll compare your preferences against our current vacancies. You can find our online form for speculative applications here.

Your application to ASAP

We also love short application processes. Without any frills. Whether it's a specific job or a speculative application. Send us your CV and let's talk about joining ASAP in person.

Applying to ASAP

It’s dead easy. Find your dream job in our Careers Portal. Scroll down. Fill in the contact form. Send us your application. That’s it!

In each vacancy listing, we include the details of a contact person who is available to answer any questions you have throughout the application process.

Send us your CV and any certificates and references relevant to the job. A cover letter is optional. This means you can apply to ASAP in a matter of minutes.

By submitting an application to us, you consent to us storing your personal data. 
Here’s the ideal scenario. You’re the right fit for us. We’re the right fit for you. You start work at ASAP. In this case, we’ll keep your data in our system. 
The worst case scenario? You don’t end up working with us. In this case, we’ll delete the documents you submit with your application within three months of the application process. 
If you’d like to be considered for other vacancies in the future, you can give us your consent to retain your data for longer. In this case, we’ll store your data for up to two years before deleting it. You can revoke your consent at any time during this period. 

That depends. Are you applying for a specific position? If so, it’s best to direct your application to the contact named in the vacancy listing. But what about a speculative application? In this case, you’re free to choose a more general opener, such as: “Hello ASAP team”.

At ASAP, we don’t insist on formalities. In German, we refer to each other using the informal “du”. It all comes down to our culture. Open-minded, approaching others as equals. You don’t need to be super formal in your communications with us, whether in your applications or in your interview. However, if you’d prefer to keep things formal, that’s fine by us, too. 

We accept documents in PDF, Word (doc, docx), JPG, PNG and GIF formats. The maximum file size is 15 MB. Please note that we are unable to download documents from links to external sites for IT security reasons – so you should download all your documents to your device and then upload your files to our application form. Thank you!

This could be a technical problem. Please try again later. If the problem persists, contact the person named in the vacancy via telephone. Alternatively, you can send us your application via email to recruiting@asap.de.

After applying

Ideally, you should receive confirmation of receipt the same day you submit your application. 
However, if you haven’t heard anything after two days, get in touch with us! Your contact for your chosen vacancy can check whether your application has arrived safely.

Firstly, you’ll receive confirmation of receipt. 
Our Recruiting team will then review your documents. 
Next, the specialist department will take a look at your application. 
After that, you’ll receive feedback. If we think you’d be a good fit for us, we’ll arrange a meeting to get to know each other. #NoAssessmentCentre. We want to talk to you – to get to know you and chat things through with you.

No. You can bring a few samples of your work with you, if you like – but that’s not a requirement. And there’s no need to bring a printed version of your application, either.

Open. Honest. Meeting each other at eye level. 

Step one: An online interview to get to know you. 

Step two: If we’re impressed with you – and you’re impressed with us – then we’ll meet again in person and you can explore your prospective work environment.

We want you to find your feet. You’ll get to know other new recruits, your dedicated mentor, your manager and your team. We’ll hold an introductory event to give you an initial insight into the world of ASAP, our culture and the benefits you’ll enjoy. You’ll learn about everything we expect from you during the onboarding phase. So, relax. We’ll make sure everything is ready for you to make the perfect start.

Technology. Any computer, laptop or tablet with an internet connection will do just fine. Make sure your browser – whether it’s Firefox, Chrome or Safari – is up to date. You’ll need a microphone: ideally a headset, but you could also use your smartphone’s headphones if they have a microphone.

No. We’ll send you a Microsoft Teams link, so all you need to do is open the link in an up-to-date browser. You’ll receive further details with your invitation to the interview.

Video on or off? That’s up to you. We’ll have our video on, so we’re always visible. It’s part of our culture and makes virtual meetings easier. But whether you choose to have your video on or off won’t affect any decisions in the recruitment process.

We’ll arrange a virtual meeting. Click on the link we send you in the interview invitation. We’ll start the meeting at the agreed time. If we encounter technical problems, we’ll contact you on the number you provided in your application.

If the background is too bright (e.g. if there’s a window behind you letting in light), we might not be able to see you properly. Consider the fact that the person you’re speaking to might well be able to see some of your surroundings. Microsoft Teams gives you the option of hiding your surroundings with a neutral background image before starting the call.

Dress as you would if the interview were held in person. Avoid striped or patterned tops as these can flicker on video calls. Ideally, your clothes should be a different colour to your background. A white shirt against a white background isn’t the best choice.

Technical problems? Stay cool. There’s always a solution. If you can’t get into the meeting, get in touch with the contact person who sent you the invitation. Didn’t catch something your interviewer said? Just ask them to repeat it – it’s not a problem. 
Eye contact is always appreciated. Look directly into the camera now and again. 
Try not to gesticulate too much. Fast, sweeping movements are often delayed on video calls. Try to keep your hands still and focus instead on smiling into the camera.

Of course! To avoid confusing your interviewer, it’s best to let them know at the start of the call that you’ll be making a few notes. However, typing on a keyboard can be disruptive, so we recommend using a pen and paper.

That’s everything cleared up. Get started at ASAP

There’s nothing more standing in the way of your future at ASAP. Become a part of #teamASAP and #futuremobility.

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