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We’ve jotted down everything we can offer you at ASAP. 
It’s a lot. Don’t have time to read the whole list? Here’s the short version.
More career. More flexibility. More happiness.

Time for yourself

Up to 40 days’ leave and the chance to take a sabbatical as standard. You choose how long to take off.

Let’s talk money

An attractive basic salary? Check. Holiday pay and a Christmas bonus? Check. We even throw in bonuses and discounts with regional partners. Check in!

Four-day week

Full-time hours across just four days per week? Of course! Works at ASAP.

Celebrating success

Festivities aren’t just for Christmas. We celebrate successes along the way. With our team, with the department, with the entire location.

Company car

Always on the move, travelling in comfort. In addition to a career, we offer our top performers a tip-top company car. For professional and private use, of course.

Hit the ground running

Looking to get started straight after studying? If you’re looking to make a fast start to your career and we have the right position for you, there’s a space in our team waiting for you. Works at ASAP.

In the office or remote?

Work from anywhere! If it fits with your projects, you can work remotely whenever you want. And, if you’d prefer to be in the office? You can expect modern communication spaces and workplaces to meet your every need.

EU workation

Working from the beach? Why not. At ASAP, you can work abroad in the EU for up to 30 days per year.

Flexible working hours

Full time or part time? Early bird or late riser? You decide! We offer different working hours models and flexitime.

Fit and healthy 

Company fitness scheme? Bike leasing? Mental strength training? We offer it all! Take advantage of our services to promote your physical and mental well-being.

Lifelong learning

Whether newcomers, professionals or managers, we tailor our development opportunities to each individual – so that we can move forward together.

Support getting started

Joining us isn’t a leap into the dark! At ASAP, our team members provide personal support to all new employees.

ASAP People

“I joined ASAP as an IT System Administrator four years ago and was promoted to Team Coordinator after just six weeks. In this role, I coordinate all IT activities at our Ingolstadt and Munich sites. I maintain an overview of all projects and serve as a contact for all my colleagues. I value the…

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IT Team Coordinator

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